BLACK STONE DELAY SPRAY FOR MEN 15ML /en/de/fr/es/it/nl/

BLACK STONE DELAY SPRAY FOR MEN 15ML /en/de/fr/es/it/nl/

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BLACK STONE DELAY SPRAY FOR MEN 15ML /en/de/fr/es/it/nl/

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Black Stone Spray is specially formulated to prevent a premature ejaculation. Many men come faster than they would like. A common problem, which is uncomfortable for both partners.

The most sensitive areas of the penis will temporarily be slightly numbed due to Black Stone Spray. This causes an orgasm to be delayed.

The ideal spray for long lasting and intense sexual intercourse. Black Stone Spray has a light anesthetic effect on the skin of the penis, making it therefore temporarily less sensitive. The climax will be delayed to provide longer lasting and more enjoyable sexual intercourse.

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Weight 35 g
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 105 mm



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