HOT ORGASM DROPS 30 ML /en/de/fr/es/it/nl/

HOT ORGASM DROPS 30 ML /en/de/fr/es/it/nl/

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HOT ORGASM DROPS 30 ML /en/de/fr/es/it/nl/

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Stimulates the sexual performance with L-arginine and Vitamin C.


  •   Improves the sexual performance
  •   Stimulates the erotic energy
  •   Supports the inner vitality
  •   Stimulates sexual desire and intimacy

Hot Orgasm – Erotic Drops stimulate the lust in a unique way and provide extra sexual energy and optimal erotic excitement. These drops give a sexual stimulus and enhance the physical performance. For extra enjoyment.

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Weight 35 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 97 mm


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