PHEROFEM EAU DE PARFUM WOMEN 15ML /en/de/fr/es/it/nl/

PHEROFEM EAU DE PARFUM WOMEN 15ML /en/de/fr/es/it/nl/

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PHEROFEM EAU DE PARFUM WOMEN 15ML /en/de/fr/es/it/nl/

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Cobeco PheroFem Eau de Toilette is an exclusive and sensual fragrance inspired by the natural effect of pheromones. For an irresistible temptation… This unique Eau de Toilette contains a balanced combination of exclusive ingredients with the same seductive effect as pheromones.

The sensual scent excites and stimulates male desires and emphasize the sexual attraction.

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Weight 17 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 95 mm


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